Rotas do mundo (Record no. 48593)

000 -Record Label
fixed length control field 00455cas a2200181 4500
005 - Version Identifier
control field 20141103142244.0
100 ## - General Processing Data
General Processing Data 20061129a----9999km-y1pory5003----ba
101 0# - Language of the Item
Language of the Text, Soundtrack, etc. por
102 ## - Country of Publication or Production
Country of Publication PT
200 1# - Title and Statement of Responsibility
Title Proper Rotas do mundo
First Statement of Responsibility dir. Rui Tavares Guedes
207 #0 - Material Specific Area: Serials Numbering
Numbering: Dates and Volume Designations Abr., nº 1 (2005) -
210 ## - Publication, Distribution, etc.
Place of Publication, Distribution, etc. Paço de Arcos
Name of Publisher, Distributor, etc. Edimpresa Editora, Ldª
310 ## - Notes Pertaining to Binding and Availability
Text of Note Oferta.
675 ## - Universal Decimal Classification (UDC)
Number 379.85
702 #1 - Personal Name - Secondary Intellectual Responsibility
Entry Element Guedes
Part of Name Other than Entry Element Rui Tavares
Relator Code 300
801 #0 - Originating Source
Country PT
Agency SDUMA
Cataloguing Rules (Descriptive Conventions) RPC
090 ## - System Control Numbers (Koha)
Koha biblioitem number (autogenerated) 48593
Copy number Expiration of loan date Origin of the item (home branch) (coded) Type of item and material Use restrictions Date of loan or deposit Internal itemnumber (Koha itemnumber) Lost status Lending or holding organisation (holding branch) code Call number (full call number) Withdrawn status Barcode Date acquired Circulation type (not for loan)
20623PP0000-00-00Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP_Revista 0000-00-00115090 Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP 379.85 Rot B75191 2008-02-181
20627PP0000-00-00Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP_Revista 0000-00-00115098 Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP 379.85 Rot B75196 2008-02-181
20622PP0000-00-00Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP_Revista 2008-02-15115103 Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP 379.85 Rot B75185 2008-02-181
20624PP0000-00-00Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP_Revista 0000-00-00115110 Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP 379.85 Rot B75193 2008-02-181
20626PP0000-00-00Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP_Revista 0000-00-00115113 Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP 379.85 Rot B75195 2008-02-181
206250000-00-00Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP_Revista 0000-00-00115136 Biblioteca da Universidade da MadeiraPP 379.85 Rot B75194 2008-02-181

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